Limited Free 100,000 NFTs Gift Event

Possible to watch the offline K-POP concert with NFT ticket after verification at the gate.
Asia Tour Countries : Indonesia(Nov), Korea(Dec), Japan(Jan), Thailand(Feb), Vietnam(Mar)

Free NFT ticket for attending the K-POP concert arerandomly selected from among above stated countries.
To have a good front seat close tothe stage with a  quick number NFT ticket,
quickly Click on the Membershipstaking where you can get a free NFT ticket by purchasing CTL coins for the offline K-POP concert.
First come, First served for taking front seat

Buying CTL coins
at the LBank Exchange Market

The way to Join Event

Lbank > Coution wallet > Membership staking > Applying CA Level (10,000CTL)
Purchased CTL coins will bedeposited for 30 days before trading or withdrawal

Coution Live


Deposit 10,000 CTL


Applying CA level

Profit for NFT holder

Free 1NFT for offline K-POP concert will be automatically given into “Coution Wallet” within 72 hours after you purchased 10,000 CTL.
But If the holder of NFT ticket can't attend an offline concert, then NFT ticket can be sold for holder's additional profit at NFT.RICH site.

Limited Free 100,000 NFTs Gift