Many people are going through a difficult time due to COVID-19. Not only domestically but globally, our consumption patterns are collapsing, leading to extreme consumption contraction. This leadsto a slowdown in the domestic market, which is causing many economic difficulties. To respond to the spread of COVID-19, donation campaigns arebeing actively conducted in the cryptocurrency industry. Binance and Bithumb which are Global cryptocurrency exchanges also launched a donation campaign.   

Through the campaign called “Crypto Against Covid”,cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Binance Coin were donated under the lead of a Binance-affiliated blockchain donation platform charitable organization, with a goal of $5 million.
The collected donations were used to support medical supplies for countries severely affected by the corona virus. Binance has donated $1 million before the campaign, and also announced that it will pay out up to $2 million through social media campaigns.   

Under these circumstances, the Coutionlive project wants to do its role to help non-profit organizations and communities in need. We plan to create a donation campaign through a live streaming concert, and all donations raised will be donated to a non-profit organization in need. In the future, Coution live CTL Coin will be used in nationally recognized organizations and global public service cultural performances, and 30% of the revenue will be used as a social support project through the authorized organizations.


The issuer of the COUTION LIVE(CTL) is the Red Angel cheering group.
Red Angel is a project group that is in the process of opening 200 branches around the world and carrying out various public interest projects.
Jai Hyun Park

CEO of SM communications

CEO of VN Soft

CEO of Red Angel cheering group
Hoon Chang

IT Professor of Woosong University


Director of SAYMINI

Director of VN Soft
Joong Geon Park


Director of SM communications

Director of Central park

Director of VN Soft

Director of HAPPYBDS
Eric Kim

Graduation from Korea Military Academy and Commissioned in the Army (Lieutenant)

Working for a resource-related manufacturing company

Working for a construction company

Trade and trade consultung

Marketing Director in Red Angel
Chang Kwon Jeong
Chief Director

The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Game G-50 Celebration Show

'Soyo Mountain Rock Festival', 'Seoul Music Awards', 'Golden Disc Awards'

2010 'SM-entertainment_SUPER JUNIOR CONCERT' 3D

2021~2022 K-Pop Concert CoutionLive 'We all are one'
Gang Chan Woo
Advisory Lawyer

Graduated from Seoul National University

Passed the Bar exam

A Prosecutor at the Seoul District Prosecutors' Office

The Chief prosecutor of the Suwon District Prosecutors' Office

A Representative lawyer at Law firm ‘Pyeong San’ (Current)